Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Best of Rifftrax Shorts, Vol. 1

Jason Martin, 2008 (7*)
Remember the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys, Mike, Kevin and Bill? Well, they're back as Rifftrax! This collection that I saw is short films: old public service, industrial, and elementary school films - of course, with acerbic commentary from Rifftrax. Some of this stuff was gut-busting funny, especially the safety films, Down and Out, and Shake Hands With Danger, the latter featuring animated Riffers 'in the studio' during the film.

Down and Out is a safety film, about a guy in an empty basement, empty except for one item of danger, like a bolt or piece of chalk on the floor, and the intrepid stuntman would manage to step on that item and go down. After falling over a 3-step stair for the third time, one of the Rifftrax guys says "Don't go near the stairs - the stairs are satan!" Shake Hands With Danger, made by Caterpiller, shows some pretty dumb work stuff (lets get a handful of grease and stick it in the bulldozer joint) and actually lists a cast of 8-10 real stuntmen! Now we know where all that corporate wealth went: industrial films.

Drugs are Like That compares all sorts of stuff to drugs, like a baby's pacifier! Rifftrax said, "Yep - drugs are also like totally safe things that aren't addictive!" This is definitely something different you might want to check out with some friends and a six-pack. Like all comedy, some will have you laughing out loud, some aren't so funny - but that's comedy.

Quote: Drugs are also like ball peen hammers and fondue.


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