Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eagle Eye

D.J. Caruso, 2008 (6.6*)
You might call this a Patriot Act espionage film, it's certainly one about the new age of surveillance and waiving of individual rights in the name of national security to combat terrorism. This takes us into the near future, like Max Headroom's "20 minutes into the future", and an incredible plot unfolds that reminds one of several other films at once: War Games, Enemy of the State, The End of Violence.

This is actually a well-executed thriller, and even if you have seen similar films, it will still be entertaining - it has the stamp of producer Steven Spielberg. It is a fast moving action film from D.J. Caruso, especially in the beginning, then loses it pace in the middle like many others. However, it's far less brainy and plausible than the master's brand of fiction, likely due to the casting of Shia Leboeuf in the lead role. Somehow he just doesn't look like an action hero like Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, or even Matt Damon - he always looks like the modern answer to a new John Hughes film.


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