Tuesday, April 20, 2010


aka Guerreros
Daniel Calparsoro, 2002, Spain (8.4*)

A well-done and at times gripping war film that follows a small Spanish detachment in Serbia, which gets ambushed and separated from the main units in what begins a harrowing journey in hostile territory. The war action here is very well filmed and edited and makes the viewer feel that war is truly hell for all involved. The film also exposes the complexity of modern war in a region like this, when you have various armies, a "UN peacekeeping force", and other neutrals all thrown into a situation of conflict.

Calparsoro does a good job balancing the fact that war is hardest on civilians, yet soldiers under attack from all sides are also faced with human emotions and instant responses which may or may not have been the best in retrospect. Fans of war films with action, and fans of anti-war films alike will enjoy this Spanish classic.


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