Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Beautiful Country

Hans Petter Noland, Norway, 2004 (8.2*)
An orphaned Vietnamese youth has an aimless life in Vietnam after the death of his mother. His dad was a U.S. soldier stationed there during the war, but who has since returned to his life in the states. Binh, played by Damien Nguyen, dreams of going to America to be reunited with his natural father, and we follow him on his quest in this film.

Both Nick Nolte and Tim Roth have small parts in this film, Nolte is particularly effective, keeping himself understated for once. The title refers to Vietnam; the opening scenes are truly beautiful. This is one of those small indie films that makes an impression on you without car chases, explosions, or any of what passes for action, yet a story in which a character goes through profound individual changes in self-discovery.


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