Saturday, March 26, 2011

Get Carter

Mike Hodges, 1971 (8.5*)

A very methodical crime film in which Michael Caine gives one of his best dramatic performances as a hitman for London mobsters who 'goes north' to Newcastle to investigate the death of his brother, which he thinks is not a suicide as ruled, but a murder. He seems to have a way of getting information while staying one step ahead of the other bad guys, and he uncovers a nefarious and unseemly crime that enrages him personally.

This works because of a low key approach to this underworld that makes it seem more realistic than most crime films, which usually go a bit over-the-top. This was director Mike Hodges' first feature film (after tv), and it's quite a worthy directing debut. The dvd features a commentary track with him; another curiosity is a 'music only track' of the film, which has no other sound, just the music score. This film actually won a British fan poll once for 'best film of all time'.

Michael Caine's awards (31 total). Caine took his name (he was born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite) from the 1954 film with Humphrey Bogart, The Caine Mutiny.

Director Mike Hodges [IMDB bio photo]


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