Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Krays

Peter Medak, 1990 (8.1*)
The Kray brothers were twin crime bosses in the London underworld in the 60's, here well played in this fact-based film by Gary and Martin Kemp, ex-members of the band Spandau Ballet (perhaps the worst name in the history of rock, after Strawberry Alarm Clock).

Though the violent film is based on fact, it gives a synopsis of their lives that would require a long mini-series to be fairly complete. Some viewers online (who knew the brothers) claim there are some factual or other errors, but that doesn't detract from the film for those of us not familiar with their story. Their racket was the common story of sellling 'protection'.

The Krays actually served as technical advisors on the film, Reggie suggesting Patsy Kensit for the role of his wife (she declined), played by Kate Hardie. Veteran Billie Whitelaw is a standout as mother Violet.


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