Friday, May 20, 2011

The Crying Game

Neil Jordan, 1992 (8.7*)
Not your average romance, nor your average crime film, and not an easy film to describe without spoiling it's secret.

The film begins with Miranda Richardson's character seducing a young black British soldier, Forrest Whitaker, and then's he kidnapped by IRA friends of hers. While being held hostage, gunman Stephen Rea takes a daily watch and gets to know the soldier, even though he's supposed to be the enemy, they start to connect while discussing their personal lives.

Suffice to say that not much in this film goes according to the plans of the participants. The hostage section is really just the first half of the story, the second half becomes a unique romance, about which I won't say anything. This is an intesting blend of terrorism, crime, and romance.

The acting, the writing, and Neil Jordan's direction make this film a notch above most others. Nominated for six Oscars®, including film, directing, actor for Rea, supporting actor for Jaye Davidson, supporting actress for Miranda Richardson (she won the NY Film Critics award), editing, and it won an Oscar® for screenplay. It won 19 awards total (out of 37 nominations), including a BAFTA for Best British film. Rea won the National Society of Film Critics best actor award, and on top of the Oscar, Jordan also won the Writer's Guild award for screenplay.


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