Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Million Total Pageviews

This happened earlier today and I grabbed a screen
shot from each blog, total = 1,000,812
However, Google started keeping these stats about a
year after I started these, so this is half our real total

Thanks to all our visitors, we just crossed one million total page views on both film blogs combined, 860k here at 1000 Dvds to See, which is our site for individual reviews of what I'm building as my top 1000 to view (around 810 so far), and 140k at World's Best Films, which is mostly poll results, award lists, and films by genre or director.

Check out our compendium of polls there, Top Ranked 1000 Films on the Net

We also have a list of the top ranked 300 directors (it started as 100 and I expanded it) based on the above 1000 film compendium, Top Ranked 100 Directors, 2011 Edition

Thanks for checking us out and for hanging out awhile, most of you are viewing 5+ pages - I'll have to admit there are lots of lists of films to get lost in, I'm often finding ones I need to update, and we always welcome suggestions, especially for non-English films, we don't have enough of those yet in print in the U.S.


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