Monday, June 21, 2010


Coline Serreau, 2001, France (9.1*)Serreau, brilliantly weaves a complex tale of crime, friendship, romance, and revenge using one of the most engaging scripts (which she wrote) in recent memory. To say this is also an archetypal women's lib film is an understatement. A middle-class married couple on their way to a dinner witness the beating of a prostitute on the streets and don't help her. The wife, perfectly played by Catherine Frot, investigates out of guilt and begins to unravel the story of the young woman from her beginning in a male-dominant culture to her present life in Paris.

Serreau never lets the viewer tire as the film flawlessly shifts gears in a complex spiral until we not only get the complete background story but are propelled forward into a totally unexpected future involving all the main characters she introduces. This is one of the few films I've wanted to stand up and applaud when done, or at least give Serreau an imaginary high five for superb craftmanship throughout.

Winner of four international awards, two by stunning newcomer Rachida Brakni as the prostitute. Along with Diva and La Femme Nikita, the best of modern French crime cinema.

Note: on the dvd cover it says "think Run, Lola, Run meets Thelma and Louise", which basically means action-packed, but this story and screenplay are much better than those, even though nothing moves as fast as Run Lola (which is appropriate, as she's running more than not)


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