Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Complicated

Nancy Meyers, 2009 (8.1*)
This was a surprising romantic comedy, as director Nancy Meyers' screenplay has enough comedy to overcome the tendency of this type of 'middle-aged' sex comedy to get serious about relationships. Divorced for 10 years and with her last child moving out for college, French pastry cook Meryl Streep is having a hard time living alone, while ex-hubby Alec Baldwin has re-married to a woman half his age, a domineering Hispanic woman (Lake Bell), whose main interest in him is as an insemination factory.

The two run into each other in New York at their son's college graduation, and while reliving old times have far too much to drink and fall into bed with each other. Thus begins the complications for each. Meanwhile, Streep is having an addition built to her house, and finds architect Steve Martin a pleasant and non-threatening possible romance.

Alec Baldwin is hitting his comedic strides, and carries the comedy here, while Streep carries the drama. Ironically, Martin is the straight man, but with one hilarious scene with Streep at a party, as the two begin the evening by smoking a doobie given to Streep by Baldwin.

This was nominated for some awards (though overlooked by the Academy): a Golden Globe for comedy, a BAFTA for Baldwin for supporting actor, and actually winning best ensemble cast by the National Board of Review. Definitely fluff, but pleasant and funny enough to make it worth seeing, as the cast is superb, and the script by director Meyers is both witty and engaging.


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