Thursday, September 16, 2010


Danny Boyle, 2004 (7.9*)

Long before he did Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle explored the same idea of rags to riches with the comedy Millions. Two brothers are playing in an empty box next to the railroad tracks, one saying he would wish for a big bag of money to come their way. About the same time, a train passes and someone throws a big bag of money off the train, which tumbles down the hill and into the boy's makeshift clubhouse!
Thinking the money fell from heaven, the boys hide the money, and begin using it to help others, a la Robin Hood. Soon complications arise, however, as some adults begin to get suspicious of the boys' activity.

This film raises ethical issues not bothered with in Slumdog, as in that film the money was legitimate. In this case, the origins of the loot may be criminal, making the kids accessories after the fact for not turning it in. Being rather poor, it also asks if people would 'do the right thing' or help their own desperate situation when given the opportunity.

Not as engrossing as Slumdog, but along with his first film Shallow Grave, yet another examination by Boyle of the theme of sudden riches presented to the downtrodden, and how it would change multiple lives.


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