Thursday, November 4, 2010


Cameron Crowe, 1992 (8.4*)
This early comedy of Cameron Crowe's is about the lives and loves of six Seattle singles living in a common apartment complex. Most of the film centers around the emerging grunge rock scene (there are even cameos by members of Pearl Jam).

Matt Dillon is the funniest as a air-headed leader of an unknown garage band named Citizen Dick in his best comedic performance. He has problems with, and takes for granted, his girlfriend Bridget Fonda. Most will likely wonder why she bothers with him at all, he's so thick - maybe it's the guitar. Campbell Scott (George C's son) has some funny scenes with his emerging romance with new gf Kyra Sedgwick, including one hilarious cameo by an NBA player.

There is a healthy dose of grunge rock in the soundtrack that lends authenticity to the film overall (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, others), and the entire movie seems to lay the groundwork for his later success Almost Famous (click for my recent review of that). A very good romantic comedy overall, of course, if you're not looking for a deep film but some light, fun entertainment. This was one of the first romantic comedies I added to my dvd collection, after Woody's New York Trilogy of Manhattan, Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters, of course.

Quote: This negativity just makes me stronger, we will not retreat, this band is unstoppable!
Quote2: I think that, (a) you have an act, and that, (b) not having an act is your act.
Quote3: When my dad left home, he told me to 'have fun, stay single'. I was eight.


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