Friday, August 29, 2008

Hannah and Her Sisters

Dir: Woody Allen, 1986 (10*)

Best Comedy Picture (GG)
This is the best of Woody Allen, a perfect romantic comedy (maybe the best). Hannah is Mia Farrow, married to Michael Caine (Oscar for Supp. Actor), who longs for her sister Barbara Hershey, who lives with jaded artist Max von Sydow, while punk rocking sister Diane Wiest (hilarious, Oscar for Supp. Actress) can't ever find the right loser, even resorting to a date with Woody Allen. Mia's mother Maureen O'Sullivan plays her mother here, and Lloyd Nolan her father, Carrie Fisher is hilarious as Wiest's friend, as is Julie Kavner as Allen's assistant in a tv show. The star is the screenplay (Oscar winner for Woody), this is a complex story that manages to seamlessly tie together about 15 people in four families, and also served as the inspiration and structure for Ron Howard's Parenthood. Allen won the British A.A. and Golden Globe for Director. 3 Oscars for 7 nominations


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