Sunday, August 31, 2008


Amy Heckerling, 1995 (8.7*)
Heckerling’s retelling of Austen’s Emma is updated to a Beverly Hills high school, and works due to a terrific debut performance from 16-yr old Alicia Silverstone ("As if!"). The story involves a makeover of a new nerdy transfer student ("Project!"), played by the late Brittany Murphy in her film debut, and Alicia’s own interest in a suave new boy who thinks he’s a Tony Curtis clone (hint hint..) Stacy Dash (as Dionne) is her best gf, who "gets snaps for fashion bravery".

Dan Hedaya steals his scenes as her overprotective father, telling her date: "Look kid, I’ve got a .44 and a shovel and I doubt anyone would report you missing." Terrific stuff, great dialogue, a star is born; what were you doing at 16? There's some hilarious stuff here, most from a girl's perspective, and you don't see that every day in movies. Perhaps the best of all the high school comedies.

Quote: Hey kid, just because Sammy Davis, Jr. died doesn’t mean there’s an opening in the rat pack.


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