Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Auntie Mame

Dir: Morton DaCosta, 1958 (9.1*)
The epitome of screwball comedy, a dazzling performance by Rosalind Russell, a classic stage comedy - how in the world did this get NO Oscars? This is about an eccentric, spinster aunt who inherits her orphaned nephew, with hilarious and heart-warming results for all concerned. Her menagerie of free-thinking, bizarre, (and yes, sometimes a bit gay!), and occult friends is unrivaled in film casts, everyone is perfect, esp Peggy Cass (Oscar nominee) as perennial wallflower secretary "Agnes Gooch", who also benefits from Mame's free-thinking influence. This is not to be missed! 8 Oscar noms, no wins.
Quote: We're gonna raise that boy to be a decent, God-fearin Christian if we have to break every bone in his body!


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