Saturday, August 30, 2008

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

James Cameron, 1991 (8.6*)
You want mind-blowing computer graphic effects and adrenalin pumping action? Here it is, a much better sequel than original thanks to special effects and mucho money poured into this. Arnold Scwartzenegger returns in the mind blowing film, this time to protect John Conner (Edward Furlong, an unknown in his first film), and his mother Sarah, again played by Linda Hamilton, same role as the first, but she's much tougher and has a weapon's cache this time around.

There's also a new bad terminator (Robert Patrick) to add more special effects to the mayhem, as this one can mimic any matter or even liquify as needed; unique and freaky stuff (I liked it when he was a linoleum floor). The pace is terrific, as well as humor, as this film doesn't take itself as seriously as some sf films. 4 Oscars

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