Sunday, August 31, 2008

Field of Dreams

Dir: Philip Alden Robinson, 1989 (9.7*)
A spiritual fantasy and one of the most uplifting films in history. Kevin Costner (as Roy Kinsella) owns a small corn farm in Iowa and is having trouble making ends meet. One day he hears voices in the field ("if you build it, they will come"), and after acting on them and builds a baseball field, the locals think he’s nuts, but he himself embarks on a quest that tranforms himself and everyone he contacts. This includes James Earl Jones, a former political activist and author of children's books, and Burt Lancaster, a doctor who once played one day in the major leagues, and Amy Madigan as his wife, and her nagging brother, Timothy Busfield.

This is not really a baseball film (which I've heard some give as a reason to avoid it), the field itself becomes a metaphor, a gateway to the spiritual realm. This recalls the best of Frank Capra. From the novel Shoeless Joe by R.R. Kinsella, cinema magic and modern myth-making at its finest.


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