Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Lost Room

Craig R. Baxley, 2006, 6 hrs (8.2*)
I've liked every series Peter Krause was in (Sportsnight, Six Feet Under, currently Parenthood), and this science fiction-mystery (a miniseries of nearly six hours) is no exception. This falls in the "alternate reality" genre, but is very unique and creative, especially the use of objects from a room "lost in space and time", which each have unique physics defying properties of their own. The more mundane perform surprising feats, like a watch that boils eggs! now who would think of that? The more magical can transport one elsewhere, stop time, or change matter.

Like many mysteries there may be disappointments to some, but it should still hold anyone's interest who likes a more intellectual mystery occasionally rather than an action-packed one.


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