Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dances With Wolves

Dir: Kevin Costner, 1990 (9.8*)

Best Picture (AA, GG)
AFI Top 100
The director's cut of this magnificent western adds nearly an hour to this epic, making it about 3:30 long, but it's worth it. Direction was begun by Kevin Reynolds, but after a dispute, he dropped out and Kevin Costner took over, since he was already the lead actor. This film depicts more Native American life than any in history, and yes, you will have to read subtitles. The story follows a civil war hero (Costner) turned U.S. calvaryman who is posted to a remote outpost where he is befriended by the local Souix, led by Grahame Greene (Oscar nominated); they name him Dances with Wolves because he feeds a local wolf who hangs out near his outpost. While there he finds a white widow (Mary McDonnell, also Oscar nominated) living with the Souix. You'll have watch this if you never have, one of the great epic westerns. 7 Oscars


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