Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Woody Allen, 1990 (8.6*)
Unhappy in her marriage, wife Mia Farrow develops an incurable backache. After traditional healthcare fails to help, out of desperation she visits a Chinese herbal healer on the advice of a friend.

She gets far more than she bargains for; the Chinese shaman gives her various herbs (one each visit) that each seem to have magical properties, such as making her invisible or making anyone who drinks a tea she prepares fall in love with her. Of course, in the hands of Woody, the ramifications are hilarious, as he uses the magic to uncover more of the mundane, such as being invisible allows her to uncover her husband's infidelities by eavesdropping unseen on her friends.

Joseph Montegna becomes her new suitor after she meets him at their kids' private school, and her partner in magic, and the two have a nice comedic chemistry together. This is one of the more imaginative of Allen's romantic comedies, even though lighter than some (Hannah and Her Sisters, Annie Hall), it all works beautifully. It's also another worthy late member of his "New York Romance" series.


Yong February 2, 2011 at 10:10 PM  

definitely one of woody's better movies worth checking out.

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