Saturday, November 29, 2008

Adam's Rib

George Cukor, 1949, bw (8.8*)
Classic b&w comedy doesn't get any better, as Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn play married lawyers who end up on opposite sides in a courtroom when a jealous wife, a hilarious Judy Holliday, shoots philandering hubby Tom Ewell, but not fatally. Tracy prosecutes her for attempted murder, while Hepburn defends the wife, perhaps to antagonize and match wits with Tracy. This was one of the first women's lib films that dealt with (in)equality of the sexes, especially in a court of law. Watch for a hilarous sequence involving rival suitor David Wayne's song about Kate, "Farewell Amanda", which becomes a big radio hit.Tracy also has one of his classic scenes using his acting skills to max comedic effect. Terrific screenplay, Oscar-nominated, from husband-and-wife Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon.


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