Saturday, November 15, 2008

Five Easy Pieces

Bob Rafelson, 1970 (8.7*)
This superb and incisive drama put Jack Nicholson on the map as a serious actor to be reckoned with, garnering him his first Best Actor nomination. Director Bob Rafelson came out of nowhere with this terrific script of a washed-up classical pianist now struggling as a blue collar oilfield worker. His 'trailer trash' girlfriend, Karen Black in a career-defining role as the aptly named Rayette DePesto, epitomizes the phrase honky tonk, and serves as a constant reminder that he's now in a culturally-deprived world of beer, country music, and bowling. The heart of the film is a freedom-inspired road trip to his past, where Nicholson faces both relatives and an unfulfilled life. The title refers not to loose women (of which there are some, including a young and randy Sally Struthers, also a very sexy Susan Anspach, a guest at his father's house) but to some easy to play classical piano compositions. Adult drama at its best.
Quote: I think I'll go to Alaska, there's not so much crap there yet.
Quote2: Yes, I want you to hold the chicken - hold it between your knees.


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