Friday, November 28, 2008


Alan J. Pakula, 1971 (8.2*)
Klute works because of one reason: the incredible performance of Jane Fonda, one of her two Oscar winning roles (Coming Home is the other). Here she plays a call girl who has possibly become the target of a stalker with a more devilish purpose than voyeurism, he's perhaps even a murderer. The suspense works because we don't really know for sure, we're as confused as Fonda's character Bree. Donald Sutherland plays a sympathetic detective, investigating a disappearance, who is slowly sucked into Bree's life as well as his client's. Fonda's sessions with her psychiatrist are likely what garnered her the Oscar, for she takes this film beyond an ordinary psycho crime drama.

Note: Eight actresses have won Oscars playing prostitutes (including Kim Basinger, Mira Sorvino, Shirley Jones), see the list at Worlds Best Films


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