Thursday, November 27, 2008

Repo Man

Alex Cox, 1984 (7.8*)
This has to be one of the more unique cult comedies, basically anything goes in this. It constantly surprises you, you'll find yourself laughing at bizarre lines (see quote), and after it's over I'm sure the most common remark has to be "What the H was that?". Emilio Estevez gets a job doing vehicle repossessions. His parents are religous fanatics who have given all their money to a televangelist, and who eat generic food from cans marked "Food". He is schooled in his new career by a trigger-happy Harry Dean Stanton, whose basic motto is "shoot them before they can shoot you". The ongoing plot surrounds a moving car which has something very powerful in the trunk - those who take a look to see what wish they hadn't, which makes a nice metaphor for mankind and science in general, the old Pandora's Box thing. Tarantino had to have seen this before making Pulp Fiction, they both have the undercurrent of anarchy.
Quote: Let's go do a crime! Let's order sushi then NOT pay!


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