Monday, December 8, 2008

Iron Man

Jon Favreau, 2008 (8.2*)
This is another worthy entry into the comic book superhero into film genre, such as Superman, Spider-Man, Batman - it's another Marvel Comics character, so the film has more action and weaponry than say the Batman series, and is actually a pretty good combination of hard science fiction with gadgets not that far into the future, and fantasy, which allows our hero to become a small jet and therefore fly - you simply have to ignore the fact that he appears indestructible when he's really just a weapons inventing scientist! (Being protected basically by sheets of iron, I kept thinking of Fistful of Dollars!)
Jeff Bridges
is a perfect corporate 'Mr. Evil', but perhaps the biggest surprise is that Robert Downey, Jr. became a believable action hero, also that average comic actor (and sometimes indie director) Jon Favreau (Swingers) can direct a big budget action film! Wonders never cease...


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