Tuesday, December 30, 2008

50 First Dates

Peter Segal, 2004 (8.4*)
Surprisingly touching comedy that manages to add a twist: Drew Barrymore plays a girl who has a memory disability, namely short-term memory loss which prohibits her from remembering anything but the past up to the current day, and not retain any new memories; so to her it's contantly the same Sunday over and over, while those around her age and change so slowly that it's imperceptible to her.

Adam Sandler starts dating her, being attracted to her eccentricity (building her waffles into a teepee), and likes her enough to put up with the fact that she’s forgotten him on each new day. So each date is like a first date (for her anyway) all over again, hence the title. So far, this is the only Adam Sandler film I’ve enjoyed, and it's also one of Drew's best, as this screenplay has a heart as well as gentle, tasteful humor, including some animal jokes as Sandler's character is a zoologist with a penchant for polar wildlife (and saving them), like penguins and walruses.


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