Monday, December 22, 2008

The Ruling Class

Peter Medak, 1972, (7.5*)
Offbeat and downright alarming black comedy, featuring one of Peter O'Toole's juiciest roles. An earl, a member of the House of Lords, dies, and his nutty son O'Toole, who currently thinks he's Jesus Christ ("because when I pray, I find that I'm talking to myself"), inherits his estate and position. Everyone from relatives to the church is now working to "cure" him, and occasionally people, including O'Toole, burst into song! There's also murder and mayhem, as the barbs at British aristrocracy and inheritance are witty and wide-ranging. A little long at 2.5 hrs, there's a second half that I can't mention without being a spoiler. This will either surprise and entertain you, or baffle you and make you say "What the H are they doing?"


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