Monday, December 29, 2008

Thank You For Smoking

Jason Reitman, 2005 (9.1*)
Brilliant satire of both the lobbying of congressmen by various industry groups and also the PR put forth by capitalist salesmen. Aaron Eckhart turns in his best performance as a tobacco lobbyist, getting a Golden Globe nomination for best actor. He hangs out with lobbyists for other dangerous industries like alcohol and firearms, and they brag about high number of deaths each one’s industry racks up!

Nominated for numerious awards, deserved more than it got. Look for the gorgeous Maria Bello and Katie Holmes, the always perfect Robert Duvall and William H. Macy as co-stars. Director Jason Reitman’s best film yet, a classic razor-sharp satire of big business, deservedly won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Screenplay, as the script makes arguments for all sides and lets the viewer decide these issues for himself.


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