Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Stunt Man

Richard Rush, 1980 (7.7*)
Director Rush garnered an Oscar nominations for directing and screenplay for this stylish film about filmmaking, while Peter O’Toole, playing the director of the film being made (a mediocre B-film at that), was nominated for Best Actor. Steve Railsbeck plays a Vietnam vet on the lam, and he chances upon O’toole’s location film set just as a stunt man dies filming a risky stunt, a car crash off a bridge into a river. O’Toole offers the ex-con a choice: do the stunts for the film or he’ll turn him in, so Railsbeck becomes the new stunt man. There’s some exciting stuff here about filmmaking, and reality vs. fantasy and making your reality, etc… but don’t look for anything more heady than just good entertainment.


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