Thursday, January 1, 2009

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Peter Hunt, 1969 (8.6*)

There's only ONE James Bond film with Australian George Lazenby, and only one in which Bond gets married, and this is the one! For me, this is the best Bond movie, every film with Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan is nearly unwatchable, and this one has more action than any Connery film. There's an incredible ski and bobsled chase involving villain Telly Savalas, with over 120 edit cuts in the whole sequence (I counted!)

The classiest of all Bond lovers, Diana Rigg also stars, after her stint as Emma Peel in British tv's "The Original Avengers", she was actually a Royal Shakespearean actress, later appearing in Midsummer's Nights Dream with Judi Dench (who was the topless wood nymph!) Director Peter Hunt created the best combination of 007 novel merged with cinema excitement in this one.


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