Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Wrath of Khan

Nicholas Myer, 1982 (7.8*)
I’m a big science fiction literature fan, have read about 500 sf books, hence I’m not a Star Trek fan as the writing is an insult to the genre, pure garbage. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the second film, Wrath of Khan, largely due to the over-the-top performance of Ricardo Montalban as the wronged former Mongol leader, now banished into space, and he is “the Great Khan”, mad as hell, not gonna take it any more. Happily, Captain Kirk shows up to become the target of his wrath, so we have a villain to pull for as we'd all like to see William Shatner get his! Fun stuff, mindless, but a highlight of this mostly boring series. I hear the even numbers are the good ones, and four was ok: The Voyage Home, the one with the whales. I’ve forgotten all the others… hopefully.


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