Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Martin Scorsese, 1974 (8.2*)
Best Picture (BAA)
Not only is this another Martin Scorsese winner, it’s also a romantic comedy, albeit with dramatic overtones. Single mother Ellen Burstyn won a Best Actress Oscar® for her terrific performance as a single mother struggling to raise a son on a waitress’ salary, while searching for another spouse among slim pickings.

Harvey Keitel is terrific in a small part as a boyfriend, a friendship that starts out innocently and turns very frightening as he exerts his alpha male dominance. Look for teenaged Jodie Foster (who calls her mom “Ramada Rose”) in a very funny androgynous role as a misbehaving teenager, who befriends Burstyn’s son, played by Alfred Lutter in a quirky, funny performance.

Vic Tayback, the gruff diner owner and cook, was the only cast member to keep their role in the tv comedy Alice, based on the film. Winner of the British Academy Award for the year’s best film. Two Oscars®

Quote: You leave this scorpion alone, he’ll leave you alone; you mess with him, he’ll kill you. (Harvey Keitel)


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