Tuesday, January 27, 2009

There Will Be Blood

Paul Thomas Anderson, 2007 (7.1*)
Daniel-Day Lewis is one of a handful of great actors working in our generation, along with Gene Hackman, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Anthony Hopkins. Blood is based on the Sinclair Lewis novel “Oil”, it’s a descent into the emptiness of a man without a soul. Lewis is probably the only actor who could pull this off, and deservedly won his second Oscar® for Best Actor.

Here he plays Daniel Plainview, an oil driller around the turn of the century when much western land in the U.S. was undeveloped, the oil yet to be tapped. Like many whose personal greed attracts them to wealth, religion and family become subordinate to the dictates of capitalism. Not a pleasant story to watch, it nevertheless becomes riveting in Anderson’s hands, but down a star for length, could be 30 min. shorter with little change in impact. Three Oscar® nominations, including Best Picture and Director.

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