Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Prestige

Christopher Nolan, 2006 (8.9*)
Incredible mystery about the world of magic, based on an award-winning novel by science fiction author Christopher Priest. Christian Bale has a field day here as a talented magician who seems to rub competitor Hugh Jackman the wrong way, as the two resort to dangerous extremes to remain at the top of the game, and to personally stay one up on each other.

Michael Caine has a terrific supporting part as the tutor of both who first hired them. Scarlett Johansson plays Bale's romantic interest.

There are numerous plot twists and surprises here so I won’t give any away. Christopher Nolan (Following, Memento, Batman Begins, Dark Knight) is becoming one of the best modern directors, always making interesting films. This is now #73 on the IMDB all-time top 250

His new film from 2010, Inception, is #6 all-time at IMDB currently


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