Monday, January 5, 2009

The Fabulous Baker Boys

Steve Kloves, 1989 (7.8*)
Jeff and Beau Bridges play two piano playing brothers who have a lounge act playing schmaltzy hits for the cocktail crowd. Jeff would rather be a classical concert or jazz pianist (sometimes plays jazz clubs after hours), while Beau is happy to be paying bills with music. They decide to add a female vocalist to expand their sound and potential, and they hire Michelle Pfeiffer, who does her own fairly amazing singing – in fact, she turns in the most sensual version of “Makin’ Whoppee” in history, and from on top of the piano (in a silky red dress), which I’m sure was smoking afterwards! (I was) Worth seeing for all the classic jazz and lounge standards they cover as a trio, and worth seeing for Michelle in that red dress – it’s unforgettable.


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