Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

David Swift, 1967 (8.4*)
Window cleaner Robert Morse, in a career-making musical comedy role, buys a book with shortcut methods to get ahead in the business world and applies them with hilarious success. One of the pointers is to create a name with an initial, so he comes up with J. Pierpont Finch, and joins the poorly run multinational Worldwide Wicket Co.

He starts in the mailroom, then uses the book’s tips to quickly rise to vice president in charge of advertising, and falls for secretary Rosemary Pilkington (Michele Lee). Frank Loesser wrote the songs, Bob Fosse choreographed the dances in this screwball satire of corporate capitalism. Silly, fun entertainment

The Coen Brothers did their own variation of this as The Hudsucker Proxy, without the music, as Tim Robbins is promoted from the mailroom to CEO to drive the stock price down so the board could take over all the shares cheaply.


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