Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Matrix Trilogy

Andy Washowski, 1999-2004 (8.3*)
Interesting concept of an alternate reality based on everyone being plugged into a virtual reality world that they call The Matrix, which seems to be understood and manipulated by Lawrence Fishburne and a small group of rebels. So in effect, they understand that we all live in "binary world" inside some computer reality. However, the rebels are under attack from authorities, naturally, the enemy sent against them is a security agent clone named Mr. Jones (a human personification of an anti-viral security program), and he/they seem to be endless (and perhaps spawned Men in Black, since they look the same in dress).

The key to the reality war seems to be newcomer Keanu Reeves, since prophecies point to someone coming to help them and he shows up. Some of the plot is a little too convenient, but the action and effects keep it all interesting and exciting, and the dark world created is as unique as Blade Runner or Batman – perfect for the video game/mtv world: more action, less thinking. Up a star on special effects alone, in which bullets are slowed down so the target can move aside and watch them go by in slow motion.

Unfortunately the completion of the trilogy isn't as satisfying as the beginning promises. If you like the Washowski Brothers, be sure to catch the more intelligent V for Vendetta.


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