Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Down With Love

Peyton Reed, 2003 (7.6*)
Warning: for swinging lovers only! If you use language like “dames” and “broads”, you’ll get this, if you’re a hatless guy, you won’t. If you’ve never seen a 50’s film, don’t bother, this will be like watching Mongolian without subtitles. Otherwise, it’s a hilarious sendup of Doris Day-Rock Hudson romantic fluff comedies. All the girls want hot bachelor journalist Ewan McGregor (whose name is Catcher Block!), who sings his way through this quite well. Meanwhile, columnist Renee Zellweger writes an anti-romance best seller called “Down With Love”, and early women’s lib tome, so these two simply have to be attracted to each other, it’s a Hollywood screenplay rule! A lot of fun if that’s all you want; definitely lighter than a marshmallow, and the music just adds to the campiness.


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