Wednesday, September 3, 2008

12 Monkeys

Dir: Terry Gilliam, 1995 (8.2*)
A murky, disturbing sf apocalypse film. Bruce Willis plays a criminal routinely "reawakened" in order to be sent back into the past by a state-operated time travel operation that is attempting to find the cause of a worldwide virus that nearly exterminated all of mankind. Willis is told to find a group of activists called "12 Monkeys", who turn out to be led by Brad Pitt, in a definitely psychotic and interesting role. Surprisingly captivating and a pretty danged good story, Gilliam’s most accessible and "normal" film, if any Gilliam film (Brazil, Fisher King, Time Bandits, Baron von Munchausen) can be called that.
[Note: this film was inspired by the short bw photo-montage film of Chris Marker, La Jetee, from 1964]


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