Thursday, September 4, 2008

City Slickers

Dir: Ron Underwood, 1991 (8.1*)
Three bored urban friends, Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, and Bruno Kirby, sign up for a "dude ranch" cattle drive vacation. The fun starts when they meet Curly, played by Oscar winner Jack Palance, in a satire of his outlaw gunfighter roles, like Shane; and he hates greenhorn tenderfoots on the trail. Josh Mostel and David Paymer are hilarious as take-offs on Ben & Jerry of ice cream fame, who get their kicks thinking of different flavors for dessert after certain foods. There are also the usual bad guys so you'll know it's a western. Helen Slater provides the romantic interest, see quote below. Hilarious dialogue in parts, down a star for a slow plot. One Oscar
Quote: That’s not ‘good night’ – that’s ‘I love your ass, I’d like to wear it for a hat’! (Kirby)


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