Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Dir: Jay Roach, 1997 (8.1*)
This is the first Austin Powers and it remains the best, but its attraction has dimmed in the sequels, and you'll either "get this" or not - perhaps you had to have watched some awful 60's films when they first came out. This one is a riotous sendup of Elvis musicals, bad films, James Bond (the Sean Connery ones, note the patch of glued on chest hair from a yak!), bad British dental work, and even Burt Bachrach, who appears spoofing himself, the way his songs intrude into films. Austin is of course Canadian Mike Myers (who grew up awhile in England), as a super agent chasing his arch-nemesis Doctor Evil (also Myers), and his cartel of international criminals, including Robert Wagner as Number Two (lots of those jokes abound). Mr. Bigglesworth is his cat, Michael York is "Major Exposition" (too funny!), giving Austin and the audience irrelevant plot details. When Dr. Evil cryogenically freezes himself, Powers volunteers as well, and we wait until a time in the future when "there are no ethics and everyone is controlled by major corporate interests: 1997", and they are both unfrozen to continue the chase and the film parodies. Elizabeth Hurley is the sex-kitten interest ("I'll bet you shag like a minx!"), Mrs. Kensington, as a parody of Diana Rigg's "Mrs. Emma Peel" ('m' appeal, get it?) in tv's The Avengers. Produced by Demi Moore, this made tons of green, and as long as you don't expect any intelligence, kinda fun.
Quote: It’s my scene, baby, and it freaks me out! (Austin, upon entering the "Electric Psychedelic Swinging Pussycat Lounge")
Quote2: I put the grrr in swinger, baby, yeah! (Austin)


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