Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Dir: Sydney Pollack, 1982 (8.6*)

Best Picture (GG)
AFI Top 100
Out of work actor Dustin Hoffman decides to start looking for parts as a woman, by going in drag, there’s a great scene where he fools his agent, Sydney Pollack, who only took the part because Dustin said he wouldn’t get into drag unless Pollack played his agent. His roommate is the hilarious Bill Murray, who reputedly ad-libbed his part. He gets a job on a hospital soap opera, where older doctor, former soap actor Dan O’Herlihey in a riotous spoof, insists on "giving all actresses the tongue" during filming, so they can’t react. Only two problems: Hoffman as "Tootsie" falls in love with soap co-star Jessica Lange (Supp Actress Oscar winner), who thinks he's a woman, while her dad, Charles Durning, falls in love with "her". Great gender spoof, and a classic screwball comedy. Lange's was the film's One Oscar
Quote: Man, that is one wacky hospital! (Murray)


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