Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Animal House

a.k.a. National Lampoon’s Animal House
Dir: John Landis, 1978 (8.1*)

This film had its moments, but was really pretty inconsistent overall. Noted for John Belushi’s extravagence ("food fight!") as Bluto, but the story really centers on freshman pledges Tom Hulce ("Pinto", which, in the screenplay, came b/c he had a speckled 'willie'!) and roomie Ken Dorfman (Stephen Furst) joining Belushi’s low-rent fraternity of animals (run by Tim Matheson), who are in so much trouble that Dean Wormer says of them "they’re on double-secret probation", and about to be booted from campus if there are any more infractions found, ie, underaged drinking or girls sleeping over. Look for Donald Sutherland as a professor who has an eye for Peter Riegert’s girlfriend Karen Allen, and a rival right-wing military fraternity specializing in sado-masochistic fun and games, as in spanking pledges, who respond with "please sir, can I have another?"
Quote: Can we dance with yo dates?


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