Saturday, September 13, 2008

Midnight Run

Martin Brest, 1988 (7.8*)
Robert De Niro’s first comedy was the perfect vehicle for him: he gets to play a jaded, ‘all-business’ bounty hunter, who catches a white-collar criminal, Charles Grodin, who actually has a flippant, wry sense of humor that works well played against De Niro’s character, and also to get the audience to root for him.

Grodin has actually ripped off a big organized crime boss, and keeps trying to convince De Niro to take a bribe and let him go, but De Niro keeps resisting as if he’s an "honest cop", determined to bring in his man before the deadline, and while being chased by the underworld (who want Grodin dead) and other bounty hunters simultaneously. This is actually a road trip movie, as the pair is forced to take various modes of transportation due to financial circumstances, which also adds to the comedy, as Grodin is handcuffed for the venture.


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