Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sin City

Dir: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, 2005 (8.1*)

This is how graphic novels should look! Incredible gothic, dark look to this film, using special effects, that overall makes it look almost an animated graphic novel. This is how the original Batman and Dick Tracy films should have looked. Rodriguez brought in the artist of the original, Frank Miller, to oversee the art direction, the result is stunning. The film is a trio of bizarre tales, the main one involving Bruce Willis, who once saved a child, now Jessica Alba all grown up into yummy eye candy. Elijah Wood goes WAY out of character as a speedy, silent killer. Benicio del Toro is a cop, who spends most of his screen time literally as a talking head (a scene directed by Quentin Tarentino for $1). A bevy of beauties led by Roxanne Dawson play hookers who control the inner city without police interference. Film noir with a graphic/comic look (up a * for the look alone), very updated and very violent, not for the squeamish. This is not like any other film in its look, something truly unique.


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