Thursday, September 4, 2008


Dir: Joel Coen, 1996 (8.8*)
Another of the best Coen Brothers films, this one is decidedly a crime drama, with some humor but serious nonetheless. The film starts with a "true story" prologue, which the brothers later said was bogus, but it sure seems like an almost-believable crime story, beginning with a highway accident that leads to the death of a state trooper, and Coen wife Frances McDormand (Oscar winner for best actress) is the local (and pregnant) sheriff, who seems to be the only real detective within the jurisdiction. The comedy comes from idiotic criminals, led by kidnapper Steve Buscemi, and involved with novices, car dealership owner William H. Macy (Oscar nominated). Full of Coen craziness and oddballs and idiots, on both sides of the law, this remains a tight, involving crime story from beginning to end, and the screenplay also won an Oscar. 2 Oscars

Quote: He was like, weird looking... that's all, just weird.


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