Thursday, September 4, 2008


Dir: Martin Ritt, 1963, bw (8.3*)
This was Larry McMurtry’s first book, called "Horseman, Pass By", which was a tribute to his grandad, last of the ‘old-style’ ranchers, who did things the right way. Oscar winner Melvyn Douglas plays the grandad in this, but the focus was shifted to the ne’er-do-well uncle Hud (just look at the poster!), played by Paul Newman, to capitalize on his box office. Patricia Neal also won an Oscar® who hit perfect tones as the family’s jaded cook, as did Jame Wong Howe’s terrific, innovative black and white cinematography. Not as artistically successful as the book but any film of a McMurtry book is going to be very good, and far above the average screen story. If you're a reader, by all means read his novels, beginning with this one; it's a small masterpiece. The nearby town of Anarene was later featured again in The Last Picture Show, a "town sequel", with none of the same characters reappearing. 7 nominations, 3 Oscars®


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