Thursday, September 4, 2008


Dir: Penny Marshall, 1988 (9.0*)
Terrific blend of fantasy and romance, touching and humorous, Penny Marshall’s best as director. Tom Hanks is a "man" who was just a little boy until he visits a magic amusement park "Psychic Seer" machine, and wishes he was grown up, next morning he IS grown, be careful WHAT you wish for!

Oscar®-nominated Elizabeth Perkins is perfect as his grown up would-be girlfriend, who likes his childlike innocence (not knowing he’s still a child). John Heard is a jealous rival at the toy manufacturer where Hanks gets a job, where he shines as a new product tester and evaluator since the toys fit his age group, whose real best friend, still nine or so, comes to visit during the work days with hilarious results.

Many say it was copied (by Vice Versa and others), but the female version of people who swap bodies (adults become children and vice-versa), Freaky Friday, had already been made in 1976 (and later remade with Jamie Lee Curtis). This remains the best of the genre, and should have won some Oscars®, screenplay for one.

Quote: Can I sleep over? (Perkins) .. Well, OK - but I get to be on top! (Hanks, who has bunk beds)


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