Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bull Durham

Dir: Ron Shelton, 1988 (8*)
Enjoyable romantic fluff featuring Susan Sarandon as a local minor league baseball groupie, for the Durham, N.C. "Bulls", hence the title. Former collegiate baseballer Kevin Costner was appropriately chosen as an aging minor league catcher, named "Crash" Davis, destined to spend his waning days away from the big leagues. He is brought in to groom "Nuke" Lalouche, hilariously stupid and naïve rookie pitcher, with a very young Tim Robbins in a star-making role. Sarandon picks Lalouche as this years bedmate, and Robbins also met wife Sarandon on this picture. Ken Wahl is also very funny as a coach. A realistic look at the minor leagues, do they have this much fun?


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