Monday, September 15, 2008

L.A. Confidential

Dir: Curtis Hanson, 1997 (8.4*)

Director and screenwriter Curtis Hanson has updated the film noir genre to the new millenium while remaining faithful to the period. In one scene, detective Nick Nolte beats a suspect into confession, as this was an era when criminals had no rights yet, and police pretty much had free rein.

The main story involves a police investigation into a mass murder in a restaurant, investigated by Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe and resented newcomer Guy Pearce, among others, who also uncovers a deep plot with lots of characters involved. Kim Basinger won an Oscar for supporting actress as a "Hollywood Hooker", without apparently a lot of acting involved, but she did look like 40’s screen siren Veronica Lake, which was her claim-to-fame as a working girl.

This may be a bit complex or slow for some, but the look and feel are straight from classic film noir but with rich, dark colors. Nine nominations, 2 Oscars (Supp. Actress, Screenplay)


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